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Mysticism of Early Morning
Twisted and broken,
I watched you crawl
through the mud
in a memory.
Existence is a subtle thing,
that screams as loud as lungs allow
to be heard over
the noise of the world.
Your heartbeat is a drum that echoes mine.
Caked and crusted
by rust from the wounds of war machines that
tear through our city.
And the wind whips and howls
sharp enough to leave cuts in our souls;
but her tongue speaks in measures of truth.
As hard and soft as the breath that carved rocks
into valley and gorges
that was and is the breast and lungs of the earth.
Where I lay my head and watch for the star.
The one you promised that winks the boldest.
That got lost in the purging of the dawn:
an eye blinded to love lost.
Twisted and broken.
I watched you crawl
through the misted brier
in the memory of another.
:iconmetalwaya:metalwaya 2 0
I bleed words.
They come from the marrow,
forged in fire and the cold breath
of icy gods long lost to the mires of time.
:iconmetalwaya:metalwaya 2 0
I am Hrafn
I am Raven.
Quick witted and keen eyed.
I collect words, memories, deeds;
like cast away buttons and
bits of sea glass.
I ride the winds: drifting
between this world and the vale
my forever-eye sole witness
to the terror, the love, the wise and insane.
I do not flinch or dip my wing to change direction.
In all these souls I see what has crafted humanity.
Forged in fire and burning bright,
until you return your bones to the earth.
I am Raven.
I speak in songs, signs, riddles.
In my black feathers I hide truths,
like stars behind clouds.
Mystery is my craft,
Cunning my cloak.
My blood is made of magic;
ancient as the bones of the Mother.
Malice nor virtue rule me,
I go where the wind takes me.
:iconmetalwaya:metalwaya 1 3
into a feather
I wanted to mold you.
Shape you like clay, into a feather;
That could take flight on the wind.
To give you the dreams
that you always shared in the twilight.
And the ones you kept hidden
behind your eyes.
It's cliche to say that you were beautiful and broken.
But nothing that is beautiful is whole.
It sprouts like flowers through the cracks in your soul.
New growth from the struggle
that the sky cries for.
I caught your name on the lips of the wind.
She whispered in my ear like a long lost friend,
Truth is never what it seems and
love can be found anywhere.
:iconmetalwaya:metalwaya 4 0
Voice cracks.
Your heart beats like thunder in the desert,
Echoing like gunshots.
I can hear it in the wind;
The sound of silence creeping like a reaper
Between the seconds of a bullet’s release.
I can see it
And I can taste it
And I can feel it in my bones.
No one ever asks for this,
Subliminal messages from home.
Caught on a wire,
Caught breath in the throat.
Youth is a word best left to the young.
:iconmetalwaya:metalwaya 2 1
différent des visages, impossible des visages
je suis seule en le des miroir
en le des miroir
je suis juste moi
different faces, impossible faces
I am alone in the mirror,
in the mirror
I am just me
:iconmetalwaya:metalwaya 1 1
after Da Vinci by metalwaya after Da Vinci :iconmetalwaya:metalwaya 4 3
Angel of Small Death
The bar was dark and warm, like a cave in the desert. It smelt of alcohol and smoke and close bodies; though it was quite empty. In the corner of the back of the main room was where he found her. She was sitting alone, corn husk blonde hair and blue eyes trained on a half full glass of some concoction he was sure he didn't want to try. But he wanted to know her.
He made his way over to where she was, sliding into the open seat opposite. She looked up with her blue eyes and smiled without moving her lips. He returned the gesture and folded his hands on the table top.
"Hi." He said.
"Hello." She replied.
"What's your name?"
They made their way out of the bar, out to her Cadillac. It was mint green and vintage, the seats ripped up and a name etched into the dashboard. He couldn't read it. He didn't try. He settled into the seat as Angel began to drive. She drove into the sun, and when he asked where they were going, she only laughed and said to see a friend.
She pulled over to th
:iconmetalwaya:metalwaya 3 0
To the Stranger
The second time we met,
I was a little more prepared
But no less shocked by
The way the light caught in your eyes
Or the light breeze of passing strangers
Blew little whisps of your hair into your face
And cast shadow like scars.
I still wonder if it was foreshadowing
Or some kind of cosmic sign
Telling me that those shadows
Were actually the scars
Dug into your soul over the years
Of knowing too many people
And not enough love.
:iconmetalwaya:metalwaya 4 1
Rock N' Roll Stars
Are Mortal.
But you linger on,
on the dirty boulevard
down in the heart of
New York City
with a cigarette
and a leather jacket
waiting for
the man.
:iconmetalwaya:metalwaya 1 3
Who are you,
When you think that you are alone,
and aching?
:iconmetalwaya:metalwaya 2 1
My mind is the gun
My mind is the gun.
My thoughts, fresh bullets.
The trigger my tongue, already red.
Don't ask me what I think.
{suicide by thought process}
:iconmetalwaya:metalwaya 0 0
Lion Boy
Lion boy,
You roar in silence.
Your angry words none hear,
but you take it out on the pavement.
Invisible wounds.
You wear them like a badge of honor,
or a mask, or another sticker on your board.
Intelligent design,
but it wasn't enough
was it?
The pills and the papers.
Late nights and the wrong kind of friends.
You buried your secrets in between the neurons
In your head.
Don't let them pull you down.
You are stronger than you know.
Hospital lights only serve as temporary stars.
Once you're out, let go.
:iconmetalwaya:metalwaya 2 2
Jeff Buckley Is Best Played In The Dark
Getting dressed in the dark is easier.
You can't see the soul, then, in his eyes.
But the lights overhead flicker, and for a moment
There is a reflection of what he never said.
The keys are on the table by the door.
Along with the hastily written love letter napkin.
I left them there so that you could find your way
:iconmetalwaya:metalwaya 2 2
You Are Your Own Monster
I watched you devour yourself,
from the inside out; you
fed on your own self hate.
It's worse than cancer,
the pity found at the end
of a bottle.
:iconmetalwaya:metalwaya 5 5
They say that the revolution....
They say that the revolution
Will not be televised.
It will not be broadcast.
But there are too many people,
With too few eyes, and ears.
So who will see it, and who will listen?
Will they care?
:iconmetalwaya:metalwaya 1 4

Random Favourites

The Oka Warrior by Akokatssini The Oka Warrior :iconakokatssini:Akokatssini 7 2 Oka by hermione72141 Oka :iconhermione72141:hermione72141 25 38 Jim Morrison by radionewt Jim Morrison :iconradionewt:radionewt 10 14
Dreaming. Poem.
Walking through the ocean,
With your own two feet.
Petting unicorns, aliens, griffins,
And other creatures you meet.
Stars are shaped like triangles,
And they glow purple.
I'm seeing life from different angles,
And I can't keep my eyes off.
I'm trying to get into a door,
But I can't touch the key.
Many things are left unsaid,
But it's still just you and me.
Let's go swim in grass,
Or touch the clouds in the sky.
Up is down, and down is up,
Leaving astonished people saying, "Oh my, oh my."
Bulletproof water is falling from above,
And it's tainted with a phone call.
A voice speaks of love,
And you can't refuse.
Soft electricity touches your skin,
And makes you glow.
Putting on your strings,
And putting on a show.
Time is reversing itself,
And I am loving every minute of it.
I'm wondering what it's doing to myself,
And I can't find an open window.
Closing an opportunity,
Who would do such a thing?
There goes that phone again,
Listen to it ring.
Thank goodness for Caller I.D,
Or I'd really
:icono0-rawrtastic-0o:o0-Rawrtastic-0o 2 0
Guardian Angel
Guardian Angel
They call her Sarah.
She lingers
Beneath the southern arch.
Just, waiting.
She's always in the same place.
But she's never there.
They call her Stranger.
An oddity.
She doesn't fit in.
She stand alone.
She's forever watching over.
But she never sees.
They call her Guardian.
She watches
The crowds below.
And waits.
She has many names and descriptions.
But what's a name to a stone?
:iconauzziegirl497:auzziegirl497 1 16
Top Withins, Yorkshire, UK by craig-352 Top Withins, Yorkshire, UK :iconcraig-352:craig-352 1,127 100
I'm only me
You think that you're so friken smart,
And they think you're a work of art.
They praise you and say that they're so proud,
Why don't you say you hate me aloud?
I'm not who you want me to be,
I'm sorry, but I'm only me.
You think that she's so damn funny,
You think that she's as sweet as honey.
Don't rub in face that I'm not as "great,"
Stop telling me I'll have a horrible fate
You tell me how to act and be,
I'm sorry, but I'm only me.
When you  look at me, you see what I'm not,
You see all that I haven't got
You tell me to be more like her,
How much more do I have to endure?
Why can't you just set me free?
I'm sorry, but I'm only me.
:iconblack-rose1689:Black-rose1689 1 2
One Campaign Poster by tristanjessespinosa One Campaign Poster :icontristanjessespinosa:tristanjessespinosa 3 1 remain, remember, react by ENDarkArt remain, remember, react :iconendarkart:ENDarkArt 12 3 You Should Know How I Feel by HIMish You Should Know How I Feel :iconhimish:HIMish 2 5 Fade To Gray by EdwardVictoria Fade To Gray :iconedwardvictoria:EdwardVictoria 0 2
Break Free. Lyrics.
When you meet that special person,
The one that you think is 'the one'.
The one that's name slips right off your tongue,
And you can never erase from your head.
I'm trying so hard,
Not to get too excited.
Because every time I do,
I fall too hard.
I need to break free,
Finally be me.
I need to try and take chances,
And finally take a chance with romance,
But I never want to fall too hard.
I don't mean to seem sappy,
But I just want to seem happy.
I'm never going to say that I have doubt in you,
Or that I've thought that you would go,
But I know I have, And I think you have.
I'm still walking these grounds,
And I still own your love--
You own mine,
Forever, let your true self shine.
I need to break free,
Finally be me.
I need to try and take chances,
And finally take a chance with romance,
But I never want to fall too hard.
:icono0-rawrtastic-0o:o0-Rawrtastic-0o 2 2
Hate could be a little fear
Hate could be a single tear
Hate could fill you up with sorrow
Hate could make you dread tomorrow
Hate could make you want to scream
Hate could take away your dreams
Hate could make you want to cry
Hate could make you want to die
Hate could be what never was
Hate could be just because
Hate could be what someone said
But hate, for me’s what wants you dead
:iconblack-rose1689:Black-rose1689 0 3
She Bled There- Giga Atasigi
Many years passed,
None softer than the others,
None without pain, without loss.
We stood for our new lands,
Only to be uprooted again?
So we stood tall, a proud people.
And she bled there,
She just bled there.
They came as dogs from hell,
Bearing laws of untruth and deceit,
Cooing to the brainwashed and greedy
Again inspiration to the Nazi.
What fool would expect us not to resist?
What devil is blind to our honor?
And she bled there,
She just bled there.
The evil seed injected in our own
Brethren, cowed in acceptance of inpurity
Lost to the wrong side of a just cause.
How can you harm your sister?
Why did you disgrace us?
You spoke with the cowardice of the white man you serve.
And she bled there,
She just bled there.
Our fathers called you Great Father,
But does a great father lie
To his children?
Does a great father beat, kill, and rape
His children?
Do you even know about fatherhood?
And she bled there,
She just bled there.
Our fathers brought us light.
Our fathers never tre
:icontsani-jones:tsani-jones 1 0
Cross by cobaltglass Cross :iconcobaltglass:cobaltglass 667 61




It's a funny thing about muses.

You can go for a long time, and be bone-dry creativity wise. Then, something, or someone, happens in your life and it's like, well if clichés can be forgiven; a flower blooming after a long winter. It starts out small, a glimmer of rejuvenation, of possibilities, of new beginnings.

Everything sort of goes in a circle. This, shouldn't be as funny as it is. Do we just keep going in circles until we get it right? How do we know when it's right? I guess it's pretty safe to say when we know it's wrong.

Maybe that's the point.
I guess I'm rambling.

Questioning if this account is past the point of rejuvenation.

I've been working on different art lately. Not sure if I should upload it here or start fresh on a new account.
I'm not sure if any of my followers are still even on dA.

I wish I'd gotten your number.
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Rendez-Vous part one by werol Rendez-Vous part one :iconwerol:werol 1,981 170


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